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Casio Cloud Suite (CBMSVRA)

Casio's Cloud Software Suite can be used with Casio V-R100, Casio V-R200, Casio V-R7000 and Casio V-R7100 touch screens. The core module enables users to program the V-R touch screen system, retrieve sales data and print various sales reports using any device linked to the internet. There are many additional modules including stock control, loyalty, time & attendance and enhanced scanning. There is also a module for additional branches, invaluable for users with a multi-site operation.

For more information download the Casio Cloud Suite Features & Prices from our downloads tab or http://www.premiercash.co.uk/pciu/download_160.pdf

Casio Cloud Suite Brochure 0.919MB Download | Casio Cloud Suite Brochure
Compatibility: Casio V-R100, Casio V-R200, Casio V-R7000, Casio V-R7100
Casio Cloud Suite
Price: from £21.00 + vat | Rental: from £4.85 + vat per week
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