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Dallas Clerk Keys

We supply magnetic dallas keys along with the very popular retractable key rings, sometimes known as retractable key reels.

Postage & Packing is £3.50 + vat per order.

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Retractable Key Ring (RKR)

Ideal for use with dallas clerk keys, these key rings have been found to be both durable and practical.

Retractable Key Ring
Price: £5.95 + vat

Dallas Clerk Key (DK)

A more secure way of signing on to your cash register / touch screen system has to be with magnetic dallas keys. Each operator can have their own key ensuring the manager/owner can see exactly who has been carrying out transactions on the system. Also available is the popular retractable key rings.

Compatibility: Casio TE-4000, Casio TE-8000, Casio QT-2100, Casio QT-6000, Casio QT-6100,
Casio QT-6600, Casio V-R100, Casio V-R200, Casio V-R7000, Casio V-R7100
Dallas Clerk Key
Price: £10.00 + vat
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