Welcome to the Premier Cash Registers downloads. From this section you can view or download a whole host of information including brochures and sample contracts. If you can't find what you are looking for please get in touch and one of our team will assist you.

Brochures - Accessories

Title Size Download
Cash Guard Brochure 0.126MB Download
Casio Cloud Suite Brochure 0.919MB Download
Casio Cloud Suite Features & Prices 0.244MB Download
Casio DT-X200 Hand Held Unit 1.757MB Download
CCD 1000 Scanner Brochure 0.78MB Download
Epson TM-T88 Printer Brochure 0.122MB Download
Epson TM-U295 Slip Printer Brochure 0.108MB Download
Epson U220B Printer Brochure 0.164MB Download
Orbit MS7120 Scanner Brochure 0.233MB Download
Sollatek Voltage Stabiliser Brochure 0.23MB Download
Sulux 616A Scanner Brochure 0.318MB Download
Tellermate TSR-100 Money Safe Brochure 0.637MB Download
Voyager MS9520 Scanner Brochure 0.16MB Download

Brochures - Cash Registers

Title Size Download
Casio QT-2100 Brochure 0.416MB Download
Casio SE Series Brochure 0.964MB Download
Casio SE-G1 Brochure 1 0.485MB Download
Casio SE-G1 Brochure 2 - Colour Choice 1.236MB Download
Casio SE-S/C Series Brochure 2.676MB Download
Casio SE-S10 Brochure 1.126MB Download
Casio SE-S100 Brochure 0.262MB Download
Casio TE-2200 Brochure 0.234MB Download
Casio TE-2400 Brochure 0.232MB Download
Casio TE-4000 Brochure 0.355MB Download
Casio TE-8000 Brochure 2.316MB Download
Casio TK-7000 Brochure 0.626MB Download
Casio TK7000LCD Brochure 0.437MB Download
Dimensions 0.019MB Download
Sam4s ER-230 Brochure 1.588MB Download
Sam4s ER-230BEJ Brochure 1.615MB Download

Brochures - Scales & Counting Equipment

Title Size Download
Baija BJ-05 Note Counter Brochure 0.449MB Download
Baija BJ-212 Note Imaging Detector Brochure 0.362MB Download
Baija BJ-82 Note Counter Brochure 0.39MB Download
Brecknell CC-804 Coin Counting Scale Brochure 0.232MB Download
CAS AP Retail Scale Brochure 0.208MB Download
CAS ERJR Retail Scale Brochure 0.315MB Download
CAS SW-1S Weighing Scale Brochure 0.042MB Download
Cashtec RS2000 Coin & Note Counting Scale Brochure 0.209MB Download

Brochures - Touch Screens

Title Size Download
Casio Cloud Suite 2017 Brochure 2.254MB Download
Casio CMOS 2017 Brochure 2.502MB Download
Casio HDMI App Sample Image 0.206MB Download
Casio Paymentsense Brochure 0.676MB Download
Casio QT-6000 Brochure 0.468MB Download
Casio QT-6100 & QT-6600 Brochure 7.588MB Download
Casio V-R Series Complete Hospitality Brochure 1.298MB Download
Casio V-R100 Brochure 1.712MB Download
Casio V-R100 Fact Sheet 0.212MB Download
Casio V-R200 Fact Sheet 0.659MB Download
Casio V-R200 Hospitality 2017 Brochure 2.768MB Download
Casio V-R200 Hospitality Brochure 2.881MB Download
Casio V-R200 Retail 2017 Brochure 2.991MB Download
Casio V-R7000 & V-R7100 Brochure 1.712MB Download
Casio V-R7000 Fact Sheet 0.269MB Download
Casio V-R7000 Hospitality 2017 Brochure 2.78MB Download
Casio V-R7000 Hospitality Brochure 2 0.388MB Download
Casio V-R7000 Retail 2017 Brochure 3MB Download
Casio V-R7000 Retail Brochure 2 0.355MB Download
Casio Way2Pay Cashless Brochure 0.213MB Download
Casio Way2Pay Gift Cards Brochure 0.209MB Download
Casio Way2Pay Loyalty Brochure 0.214MB Download
Dimensions 0.019MB Download

Case Studies

Title Size Download
Case Studies - Casio 2014 1.845MB Download
Case Study - V-R100 Apples & Pears + Buzz's Diner 0.947MB Download
Case Study - V-R100 Godstone Farm 0.822MB Download
Case Study - V-R100 with Paypal App 2.43MB Download
Case Study - V-R100 with Way2Pay Cashless 0.187MB Download
Case Study - V-R7000 with V-T500 Tablets 7Bone 0.231MB Download

Maintenance Contracts

Title Size Download
Maintenance Contract Terms & Conditions MCv4.3 0.032MB Download
Telephone & Remote Support Contract Terms & Conditions TRCv4.3 0.026MB Download


Title Size Download
Casio CBMS Hospitality Manual 12.059MB Download
Casio CBMS Lite Manual 9.531MB Download
Casio CBMS Retail Manual 10.957MB Download
Sam4s ER-230 Internal Rechargeable Battery Info 0.838MB Download

Rental Documents (Premier Retail Systems Rental Ltd)

Title Size Download
Customer Information Required - Excel Version 0.022MB Download
Customer Information Required - PDF Version 0.019MB Download
Long-Term Rental Contract - More Information 0.041MB Download
Long-Term Rental Contract - Terms & Conditions v3.2 0.033MB Download

Software Downloads

Title Size Download
Teamviewer for Casio (QS) 2204 5.823MB Download
Teamviewer for MAC 20.692MB Download
Teamviewer for PC 9.069MB Download
Teamviewer V-R100 0.125MB Download
Teamviewer V-R7000 0.126MB Download
Teamviewer V-T500 0.125MB Download

Video Demonstrations

Title Size Download
Casio CBMS Software v3 Video Demonstration - Creating An Item 3.566MB Download
Casio CBMS Software v3 Video Demonstration - Reports 4.502MB Download
Casio CBMS Software v3 Video Demonstration - Stock Ordering 3.024MB Download
Casio SE-S100 Colours 19.239MB Download
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